The surprising things I learned exploring Planet Earth – talk by Ness Knight

We all have moments in our lives where something changes, where we have a profound shift in perspective, and for explorer Ness Knight that happened while solo adventuring. Next year she will row 7000+ nautical miles solo, non-stop and unassisted across the vast Pacific Ocean. More people have stood on the moon than rowed this great ocean. But what is behind the mindset of an explorer? What motivates a solo explorer to step into the unknown again and again? Having pushed the limits of mind and body in some of the most remote corners of our planet, facing extreme conditions, difficult decisions and sobering realities, she’s gained an unusual insight into what makes us unique, as well as what connects each and every one of us. Ness’ TEDxHull talk takes a deep dive into the experiences and psyche of an extreme adventurer performing at the edge of what is deemed possible.

Ness is a record-breaking explorer and endurance adventurer who has stand up paddleboarded 1000 miles, cycled across the USA solo, become the first female in history to swim the Thames River, run 15 marathons in 15 days, cycled across Bolivia with no money, and traversed one of the most desolate, hot and inhospitable environments in the world solo: the Namib Desert. Next, she will be attempting to become the first female in history to row across the Pacific Ocean solo and non-stop. Ness’ greatest passion lies in exploring her mental and physical limits in some of the world’s most unique and remote locations, learning about survival from people and tribes around the globe. Ness’ great love is for storytelling, and creating documentaries that discover the wonders of wildlife, unusual locations, and unique cultures, taking people with her on a journey to explore the far reaches of our Planet Earth.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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