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THE SEVEN AGES OF WOMAN by Jessica Duffield

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all the worlds of stage and all the men and women merely players they have their entrances and their exits and one woman in her time plays many parts her acts being at least seven ages at first the infant showered with pink a princess a darling or so they think then the school girl with pressure to achieve expectation so high you wouldn’t believe
then the teenager and here begins the monthly visitor that rules her life turns up on announced without an invite tampons or pads or even the cup or fancy knickers that you can wash up decisions that every young girl must make like to wax or to shave or to epilate to pluck like a chicken or to hibernate then the girlfriend what did you now should she go on the pill it’s her own free will but then which pill a hurricane of hormones but
just what you do if your preferences men if not cheers to you then the fiance just look at the ring because that’s the most important thing the proposal how it happens with it like a Fairy Tail or was it on the underground approach you made available then the bride with white dress and wide smile she must juggle her job but fight all the while the signs that times passed defy the line stay young heaven for bitchy show a year
and to mother
or not to Mother that is the question it’s actually her choice despite the misconception that the woman’s there to raise a child and make a home but all the while progressing in her top career ensuring that she’s kept her looks and reads and writes and bakes and cooks
then the grandma the cycle goes on she’s to be all of these things and not just one
but if she’s not then that’s okay
we’ve had to fight to fight for the right to vote to hold our own how times have changed now we’re not changed to Amanda have a home
to have
a career be a wife does not always mean you’re winning at life you don’t have to be straight and married at 30 it’s all right if your dishes are sometimes left dirty you don’t have to be sis and a mother of three to be a success and inspiration to me
because when the time comes we’re all just the same no matter how far we got in the game of Life we’re left pretty much as we came
as teeth both eyes fast taste
salt everything

Two weeks ago we were mid She Fest ERT, celebrating incredible female-identifying talent in a myriad of fields. As a very small part of it I wrote a poem and some lovely people suggested I share it. I held back to avoid the cringe factor BUT it seems timely, as this week I will have seen THREE of Shakespeare’s plays within six days! It’s also Yorkshire day, so…

Shakespeare wrote a speech about the Seven Ages of Man… so I’ve written one about WOMEN…

What is more, I am wearing a t shirt by “Who are you wearing” – an amazing company that makes t-shirts with trailblazing women on – you can get to the site here:


So here goes:

Inspired by Shakespeare, written by me! (Jessica Duffield)

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