The Humber.tv Story so far…

It all started in the middle of 2007 with an idea of an online LIVE streaming and on demand video website. The local area and The Humber seemed a nice area in size to cover and so registered the domain Humber.tv. Watching other online shows like live.TWIT.TV with Leo Laporte as the founder of that made me want to set-up something like this. It looked great fun, the future and something that was lacking in the UK and my area.

Over the months we have tested, trialed, bought, begged, and borrowed hardware, to see what works and what doesn’t. We were in no way experts in this field back then but had used the ideas seen on Leo’s shows and have followed them through.

We don’t do “Wouldn’t it be good if we do this” If an idea gives you a good gut feeling, run with it!

We could have put the launch off until we were 100% happy, but that would be never and so we launched Humber.TV on the 4th March 2010.

So thank you, Leo, for the idea/push towards starting and thank YOU all for joining us and all involved so far.

From the beginning, you can see we didn’t have the best of kit, backdrops, and setup! But we are improving every week the quality of the shows in many ways and people loved it.

The whole setup, running, and expense had been funded by Andy Corbett’s other businesses.

Fast forward 10 years to 2018 with new technology, new kit and an injection of investment we have the new and all improved HUMBER TV.

Be part of it!

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