Jessica Duffield

THE SEVEN AGES OF WOMAN by Jessica Duffield

Two weeks ago we were mid She Fest ERT, celebrating incredible female-identifying talent in a myriad of fields. As a very small part of it I wrote a poem and some lovely people suggested I share it. I held back to avoid the cringe factor BUT it seems timely, as this week I will have […]
Practise law independently with CILEx #getintolaw
Practise Law Independently with CILEx

Practise Law Independently with CILEx

Dr Frantz Iwu is a CILEx Immigration Practitioner and gained his independent practice rights through CILEx Regulation. Considering his options, Dr Iwu decided the CILEx route was the best route for him due to the flexibility, affordability and that you can earn as you learn. Filmed by CILEx
Move On with The Shellies

Move On with The Shellies

Welcome to Shellie Bay. A beach full of fun where you can let your imaginations come alive. In between adventure stories and enchanted characters you will discover dancing, singing, creating, chattering,making and waves of fun and of course, The Shellies and their friends. Filmed by The Shellies
Follow and Move

Follow and Move

Dancercise the moments away with our new Follow & Move Video. Dancing is a great way to have fun and lose weight at the same time. Filmed by The Shellies