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Want to Live Stream or make your Live event accessible to more people even through your own website! Production companies can charge anywhere from in the region of £4,000 and up for what seems a simple live broadcast. Our Live Video Productions can cut that expense to as little as £250 per hour of live broadcasting.

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What are the advantages of live streaming anything?

  • Video and the information is real time and then available on demand 24/7.
  • innovative & modern method of communication.
  • Available live on all major platforms of devices and web browsers.

Live Webcast Service Includes:

  • A Full HD Production Set up with multi-camera, Lights, and Sound.
  • A Broadcast Camera Person.
  • A Streaming Technician.
  • Live Graphics allowing you to overlay logos, lower 3rd, or include images in your broadcast.
  • Pre Event Technical Support.
  • HD recording of the Stream.

Features include:

  • Multiple camera angles.
  • Your branding in the video which may include your logo.
  • Names of presenters displayed in-stream, in real-time.
  • Slides, pre-recorded videos in full-screen or split-screen mode.
  • Compatibility with PCs, Macs and all major browsers.
  • On-demand event recording, available online within one day of the event.
  • Social network integration, including with YouTube, Periscope, and Facebook.
  • A customised viewing page on the Humber.TV website.
  • Statistics about who watched your event, for how long and where from in the world.

You can have the Stream Live on your website or we will build you a dedicated webpage for your stream broadcast.

What type of events would this live streaming service be used at?

  • Board and council meetings.
  • Press conferences.
  • Conferences.
  • Seminars.
  • Product presentations.
  • Analysts’ meetings.
  • Shareholders’ meeting.
  • Employment communication.
  • Training & education.
  • Fashion shows.
  • Live concerts.
  • Church and worship services.
  • Sporting events.
  • Medical education.
  • Wedding Ceremony

Contact us for a quote and also to discuss your requirements.

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