Immingham In Bloom – Part 2

Immingham Town Council admits, It could be said that their town is not the likeliest place to find an In Bloom campaign. The town has developed around a heavy industrial dock, is geographically isolated and has its own set of challenges. Now, over the years the national ‘in Bloom’ campaign has proven to be the catalyst in breathing new life into local cities, towns and villages. Armed with this information, Immingham town council, it’s community groups and local sponsoring companies knew that a good In-Bloom campaign had the power to inspire change, change in the minds of our people and welcome change to the surroundings in which they live.

It could be said that along the way, its citizens have learnt a lot about each other. Many local residents have taken part in this project young and mature alike, and local people have bonded, collaborated and now beginning to take pride in their enhanced surroundings. This is a united team effort where everybody can make a valuable contribution to the place where they live, work and play.

Over the past six months, this in Bloom campaign has been a catalyst to igniting a new found passion towards collaboration and improving the environment in which they live.
And this is only the start, for together the people of Immingham will grow in numbers and collectively they will continue to clean-up and green-up their surroundings.
Place shaping the very the town centre and neighborhood areas in which they live,
Immingham Council quotes that the towns greatest asset are their residents and the in bloom campaign has highlighted that when our citizens choose to work together as a team anything is achievable.

Now, more than ever they know, that It’s not the place that makes the people, it’s the people that make the place!

Filmed by TV4Change

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