Humber Bridge Country Park Nature Reserve

The Humber Bridge Country Park Local Nature Reserve is a haven for people and wildlife set amongst woods, meadows, ponds and cliffs. The tree covered chalk terraces of the old chalk quarry offer dramatic views over the River Humber and towering Humber Bridge.

The 21-hectare reserve has a valuable mosaic of habitats that supports a wide and varied range of wildlife. Over 20 species of butterfly are recorded on the reserve each year and an important population of great crested newts have made the ponds their home. The bird feeding station is a fantastic place to watch birds through the unique living willow screens and viewing tunnel, specially created by the Friends Group of the reserve.

The reserve is located in the East Riding of Yorkshire close to the urban area of Hull, and is a favourite place to visit to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a walk amongst the trees. The Phoenix Sculpture Trail winds its way through the woods and features 10 unique sculptural seats inspired by the special heritage of the reserve. The sculptural seats provide the ideal spot for you to sit and contemplate your surroundings. The reserve also offers three nature trails through the woods, the meadows and around the cliffs. Each trail is distinctively waymarked with hand-carved owls, rabbits and frogs to ensure you never get lost!

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