Devil’s Kitchen – Smailes Goldie vs Yorkshire Bank – Smile Foundation – Hull College

How many accountants and bankers does it take to cook a meal for 80?

The answer 16!…..8 front of house and 8 in the kitchen!
On the evening of the 17th November Smailes Goldie and Yorkshire Bank battled it out to become the Devils Kitchen champions for the evening. Calculators and overdrafts were drawn at 50 paces and exchanged for spatulas and frying pans, as the two teams cooked a sumptuous 3 course meal to the delight of all guests.

After a hard fought battle the accounts were left scratching their heads and asking for a re-count, as Yorkshire Bank took away the trophy. An incredibly tight heat with saw a average score of 27.64 take the victory and over £3,500 raised for the 2011/12 Smile Foundation projects.

Our thanks to all involved our sponsors Hull College, Alpine Foods, Paragon Data Services, Napoleons Casino and of course our two The teams and all the guests.

By LauriShowler

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