NEL Motor Project

The main aim of the Motor Project is to help young people, regardless of ability, to benefit themselves and the community by learning new skills.
All workshop sessions are designed around making learning fun and having an objective in life. This is achieved by learning to work as part of a team, using initiative and building up communication skills.
Most young people who have attended the Motor Project achieve results above and beyond their expectations and produce some very good work. This has given them a pride in themselves and their work.

Young people today need an outlet for their energy, which is constructive not destructive and this is where the Motor Project comes into its own, by giving them something they want and that they are interested in.
Many of the young people who attend the Motor Project, do so because they enjoy the way they are made to feel part of the Project.

With the benefit of skills gained whilst attending the Motor Project, some young people have successfully made the transition into full time employment or further education.

Filmed by TV4Change

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