The Lengthsman Scheme – Immingham

The Lengthsman scheme is, in essence, the re-incarnation of an old concept; a local person contracted to maintain roadside verges and drainage, public open space and pathways. It stems historically from a “man who walked the length of the Parish”. The modern Lengthsman role has now been expanded to tackle small-scale environmental projects directly or jointly with the local community and the partners involved. It also means that there is a quick reaction to local concerns and problems such as blocked drains and ditches. He also cleans dirty signs, clears vegetation obstructing signs, as well as cutting back vegetation encroaching onto footpaths. He can also maintain notice boards; make minor repairs to benches, fences and stonework and clear graffiti. They also respond to road kill and other dead animals, remove broken glass, trip hazards and are the first instant response to H&S Issues. In the absence of other work, he defaults to litter picking or self motivated work.

Filmed by TV4Change

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