NeXtworking Event at Hull Kingston Rovers Stadium

NeXtworking Event, with the F.S.B. during Bizweek. June 2014.
Venue : Hull Kingston Rovers “Lightstream” Stadium.

Q. NeXtworking – what is that?
A. Well, there are many forms of networking, and in general, its reckoned nowadays to be the most important Business Skill one can acquire.

Q. There seem to be so many networking organisations, how do I know which one is the best value for my money?
A. That’s the point of NeXtworking, we teach you how, moreover we do it for free, and we even feed you while you are with us. The X stands for Next Generation.

Q. Wow, but what would be my time commitment?
A. One evening per month, for as long as you need, and it’s open to all.

Q. O.K, so where ?
A. At moment we are running them in Hull, but in September we are launching NeXtworking at the “MADE” Festival in Sheffield, rolling out a programme in South and East Yorkshire.

Q. Any more info?
A. Plenty! We are currently building a website, but in the meantime send your inquiry to and we will put you on the mailing list.

NeXtworking is a Free Business Development initiative Paid for by the Federation of Small Businesses and the East Riding of Yorkshire Council Business Support Unit.


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